Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Säkulare Grüne

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On October 15, 2016, the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Säkulare Grüne (Nationwide Working Community of Secular Greens) has been constituted, being founded on January 13, 2013, as Bundesweiter Arbeitskreis Säkulare Grüne (Nationwide Working Group of Secular Greens), also because of the German Circumcision Debate. They claim the strict separation of state and churches.

Their policy paper "Our mission" speaks out clearly against circumcision for religious or other non-medical reasons for underage boys as well as other forms of disrespect of children's legal rights.[1]

On June 29, 2014, the working group's plenary session in Münster (Germany) released a "Statement on medically indicated genital circumcision of boys".[2]

The BAG Säkulare Grüne (Germany) supports the WWDOGA.

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