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The Centre Party (Swedish: Centerpartiet, abbreviated C) is a liberal and Nordic agrarian political party in Sweden. Traditionally part of the Nordic agrarian family, the party has increasingly shifted its focus towards free market economics, environmental protection, gender equality and decentralisation of governmental authority. The party's major issues are national economy, environment and integration and it is represented in all of the Riksdag's parliamentary committees.

On 28 September 2019, the Center Meeting of the Centre Party has decided with 314 against 166 votes[1] that the Centre Party should work to forbid the medical not intended circumcision of boys in Sweden.[2]

The party leadership warned that it will be perceived that the party wants to ban Judaism and Islam, although the debate was not at all about religion, but about the child rights perspective and the integrity perspective. However, the assembly adopted another proposal, which means that the Center should work to prohibit circumcision that is not done for medical reasons.[2][3]

Usual reactions

The Council of Swedish Jewish Communities (Judiska Centralrådet i Sverige) timely reacted in the same way as known from all other countries where political parties raise the idea of genital integrity for children: The very idea of prohibiting circumcision would be an attack on Judaism. The ritual would be indispensable. Jewish life would become impossible. No single word about the boys and their own human rights.[4]

Youth association leader leaves

After the party's discussion about a ban on circumcision, Dana Pourkomeylian, until then leader of the Centerpartiet's youth association (CUF, Centerpartiets Ungdomsförbund), left the CUF due to internal disagreements. According to the CUF, the youth association is behind Pourkomeylian's views on the issue of circumcision and the disagreement consists of something else.[5]

IntactiWiki assessment

This doesn't mean the Centre Party has yet decided to really outlaw genital mutilation on boys in Sweden. In fact, the Centre Party isn't part of the current Swedish government and has rather low influence on political decisions which lead to new laws. Nevertheless, it is interesting that the party leaders engage in pre-emptive obedience to anti-Semitism rather than focusing on the rights of the child. The party base obviously sees this differently. They managed to give the party mind the task of proposing a draft law that prohibits medically uninduced genital mutilation in children in Sweden.

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