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#i2 is a hashtag used by intactivists in social media discussions and articles. (Note that even pro-cutting persons add it to their circumcision-supporting posts in an attempt to confuse readers. But this also helps intactivists to find pro-circ statements easier.)

The "I" stands for:

  • Integrity
  • Intact awareness
  • Intactivism and Intactivists
  • Information sharing
  • Involved advocacy
  • The Intact body we are each born with and deserving of having agency over
  • The Intersex child, as well as boys and girls
  • The fact that it is up to me (or "I") to speak up and make a change within my circle of Influence.

The "2" represents:

  • The duality of the sexes deserving the basic human right of genital autonomy.

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