Genital Autonomy List of Shame

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The following text has been adopted from the original free IntactWiki article Jonathon Conte's shit list:

This list was prepared by the late Jonathon Conte.

Genital Autonomy Shit List

February 17, 2015 at 5:59pm This is a list of organizations that have promoted or condoned (either tacitly or implicitly) the forced genital cutting of any male, female, or intersex individual.

Note by Jonathon Conte: I have made this list primarily for my own benefit as I was having trouble remembering it in its entirety. I have omitted citations for the time being to keep things simple but I realize the need for them in the long-term so that others can easily verify this information on their own. That being said, a great deal of evidence can be found online for those willing to seek it out.