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Maria J. Wawer
Married To:
Ronald Gray
Ronald Gray
Bertran Auvert
Robert C. Bailey
Thomas Quinn
Funded By:
Johns Hopkins
Gray and Wawer.jpg
Ronald Gray with his wife,
and colleague, Maria Wawer.

Maria J. Wawer is a biased pro-circumcision researcher [1] looking for justifications to roll-out mass circumcision programs around the world. Wawer is married to another biased pro-circumcision researcher Ronald Gray.[2] Her research has been funded by Johns Hopkins and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.[2] In the waiting room at their clinic, a music video promoting circumcision plays continuously.[3][4]


When Wawer found out she could push circumcision
“ You almost feel like crying.

NOTE: When she found a reason to push mass circumcision. How could she find joy in that? ”

M. Wawer (JohnsHopkinsSPH) [5]

“ Once circumcision programs become more widespread, more available, it's very likely that HIV positive men will also seek the procedure. Partly (because) you don't want to be the only guy on the block who hasn't been circumcised.

NOTE: This is the goal? To make men feel uncomfortable? ”

M. Wawer (MedPageToday) [6]

“ We found a benefit to the (HIV) positive men of becoming circumcised.

NOTE: They are already HIV positive. You'd think this was a joke. ”

M. Wawer (MedPageToday) [7]

“ Where you don’t have complete keratinization of the remaining mucosa, then that could in effect increase the transmission of (the) virus.

NOTE: While pro-circ HIV "researchers" are claiming keratinization is a fact, pushers such as Brian J. Morris and Jake H. Waskett claim there is no keratinization. The keratinization reduces sensation. ”

M. Wawer (MedPageToday) [8]

“ We are providing male circumcision as a service now to negative men, but also to positive men. Again, because we don't want them to become stigmatized if they refuse the service.

NOTE: i.e., she promotes the cutting of anyone for any reason. No logic required. ”

M. Wawer (MedPageToday) [9]

“ It’s amazing, cultures do change once people see there's a real advantage of a certain action (circumcision) on their part.

NOTE: You heard that right. She want's to make circumcision part of the culture. i.e., the norm. ”

M. Wawer (JohnsHopkinsSPH) [10]

Contradictory quotes

Male Circumcision does NOT protect women
“ We haven't seen a benefit to women for the procedure.

NOTE: In fact, she found that male circumcision increases risk of HIV transmission in women. ”

M. Wawer (MedPageToday) [11]

Male Circumcision DOES protect women
“ You asked yourself the question, 'If it reduces the risk of acquisition it presumably reduces the risk of transmission to female partners." (Maria nods in agreement)

NOTE: Ignoring her own findings when they don't support male circumcision. ”

Interviewer (MedPageToday) [12]

Male Circumcision does NOT protect women
“ Disappointingly, when we looked at the women partners of the (HIV) positive men, who've been circumcised, compared to the partners who had not been circumcised, we actually found a slightly higher rate of transmission from the positive circumcised men than from positive uncircumcised men.

NOTE: Interestingly, Maria has said on numerous occasions that circumcision will reduce the rate of transmission to female partners, even though her research doesn't support this. Here she contradicts herself, yet again. ”

M. Wawer (MedPageToday) [13]