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== Current Dates ==
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[[Bloodstained Men]]'s Rocky Mountain * Oct 11, 2019: LSU Circumcision Crisis ProtestsProtest, LSU Student Union, Baton Rouge* Day 1: Friday, July Oct 12, 2019: Monroe Circumcision Crisis Protest, West JordanMcMillan Rd and Thomas Rd, UT - 10am to 3pmMonroe* Day 2: Saturday, July Oct 13, 2019: Shreveport Circumcision Crisis Protest, OremE Texas St and Benton Rd, UT - 10am to 3pmShreveport* Day 3: Sunday, July Oct 14, 2019: Tyler Circumcision Crisis Protest, Grand JunctionE Southeast Loop 323 and Troup Hwy, CO - 11am to 4pmTyler* Day 4: Monday, July Oct 15, 2019: Denton Circumcision Crisis Protest, DenverW University Dr and N Carroll Blvd, CO - 10am to 3pmDenton* Day 5: Tuesday, July Oct 16, 2019: University of Oklahoma Circumcision Crisis Protest, DenverBizzell Memorial Library, CO - 10am to 3pmNorman* Day 6: Wednesday, July Oct 17, 2019: Oklahoma State University Circumcision Crisis Protest, Colorado SpringsOklahoma State University Student Union, CO - 10am to 3pmStillwater* Day 7: Thursday, July Oct 18, 2019: University of Arkansas Circumcision Crisis Protest, PuebloArkansas Union, CO - 10am to 3pmFayetteville* Day 8: Friday, July Oct 19, 2019: Fort Smith Circumcision Crisis Protest, DenverS Waldron Rd and Rogers Ave, CO - 10am to 3pmFort Smith* Day 9: Saturday, July Oct 20, 2019: Conway Circumcision Crisis Protest, Fort CollinsOld Morrilton Hwy and Harkrider St, CO - 10am to 3pmConway* Day 10: Sunday, July Oct 21, 2019: Jonesboro Circumcision Crisis Protest, CheyenneE Highland Dr and Stadium Blvd, WY - 11am to 4pmJonesboro* Day 11: Monday, July Oct 22, 2019: University of Memphis Circumcision Crisis Protest, CasperStudent Activities Plaza, WY - 10am to 3pmMemphis* Day 12: Tuesday, July Oct 23, 2019: University of Mississippi Circumcision Crisis Protest, GilletteOle Miss Student Union, WY - 10am to 3pmMississippi University* Day 13: Wednesday, July Oct 24, 2019: Mississippi State University Circumcision Crisis Protest, BillingsMississippi State University Drill Field, MT - 10am to 3pmStarkville* Day 14: Thursday, July Oct 25, 2019: Hattiesburg Circumcision Crisis Protest, Great FallsUS 49 and Hardy St, MT - 10am to 3pmHattiesburg* Day 15: Friday, July Oct 26, 2019, Helena, MT - 10am to 3pm* Day 16: Saturday, July 27, 2019AAP Circumcision Crisis Protest 1.0, Idaho FallsNew Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, ID - 10am to 3pmNew Orleans* Day 17: Sunday, July 28Oct 27, 2019, Pocatello, ID - 11am to 4pm* Day 18: Monday, July 29, 2019AAP Circumcision Crisis Protest 2.0, LoganNew Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, UT - 10am to 3pm* Day 19: Tuesday, July 30, 2019, Ogden, UT - 10am to 3pm* Day 20: Wednesday, July 31, 2019, Salt Lake City, UT - 10am to 3pm</div>New Orleans

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