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Many men remain whole, they were blessed with parents who loved their kids enough to not let any stranger remove a piece of their genitals. Some of those individuals who remain in-tact are curious however, what would it feel like?

Circumcision is obviously wrong all around, whether it be female circumcision, or a circumcised baby boy, this is an issue and should be discussed. There are pros and cons to most everything, but the scars it leaves, the fact that adult circumcision is so uncommon (because the uncircumcised men are often happy being in tact) or just the fact that circumcision is promoted intensely by religions making it far less respectable than it already was, these are all signs you should take a step back and really think about whether or not circumcision surgery is reasonable.

Happy uncircumcised, unharmed baby vs screaming unhappy circumcised baby, pretty obvious conclusion.

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