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Song Lyrics (by Matthew Hess)

Part 1: Foreskin Frenzy Mmmm, foreskin Fsss...ahhh Ohhh Hhhhunnnnnn

Part 2: An Intactivist is Born Intactivista Intactivista

Part 3: Prepuce School This way Yes The prepuce is the protective shield of the glans The density of the innervation in the foreskin is twenty thousand divided by fifteen inches squared The sum of the gliding mechanism and the frenulum is nirvana Conclusion: Burn the circumstraints I am talking about a revolution We must storm the hospitals We must free the boys Now go!

Part 4: Circumcision Wars You have done well, my son Come home

Music and Performance by The Intactivist Underground Executive Producer: Matthew Hess Label: MGMbill Records