Art. 6 GG

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Art. 6 GG reads (highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Article 6[1]

(1) Marriage and family are under the special protection of the state order.

(2) Caring for and bringing up children is the natural right of parents and their primary duty. The state community monitors their activities.

(3) Against the will of the legal guardians, children may only be separated from the family by law if the legal guardians fail or if the children threaten to be neglected for other reasons.

(4) Every mother is entitled to the protection and care of the community.

(5) The illegitimate children are to be created by the legislation the same conditions for their physical and mental development and their position in society as the legitimate children.

IntactiWiki non-binding comment:

Article 6 of the Basic Law is often used by proponents of circumcision as a so-called "parental right" as an argument to prove that they have the right to mutilate the genitals of their children.
Ad (2): This sentence states that the parents not only have rights towards the children, but also duties, e.g. the obligation to care for their children in the interests of the child. So that the rights and obligations granted here are not misused by the parents against the child's best interests, the state has a so-called "guardian office" and can actually intervene in the rights of the parents. The German Circumcision Act deliberately undermines the state watchdog in order to grant parents the right directed against the child's welfare, whose genitals can be mutilated (in principle for any reason).