Baby who was born with two genitals

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This video presents a baby born with ambiguous genitalia. Contrary to the title, the baby does not have "two genitals".

Every person has two parts to their genitalia: a phallus (called clitoris or penis), and a urinary opening (which in typical males is located on the tip of the penis, and in typical females is located inside the vulva). In the case of ambiguous genitalia, the phallus is larger than a typical clitoris and protrudes the way a penis typically does, but there is also a cloacal opening. The urethra may be located in the cloacal opening or somewhere on the phallus, and the cloacal opening may have or may not have a vaginal channel.

From the video it is not possible to hypothesize whether the baby presents a male or female karyotype (what kind of sexual chromosomes the baby has), so it is not possible to hypothesize on first instance what the sex of the baby might be. It could be a male baby with severe hypospadias or a female baby with clitoromegaly.

During the video, the prepuce of the baby is partially pulled to visualize the glans.

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