Circumcision: Mutilation Watch

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Circumcision: Mutilation Watch is a Facebook page that shares public statuses, pictures and videos which show that the religious and cultural tradition of non therapeutic forced circumcision needs to stop being done on unconsenting children, and that the human right to bodily and genital integrity needs to be respected. They state that forced genital cutting ("circumcision") is a dangerous, traumatic, and painful ritual.

The page offers a bunch of information and links to other intactivism websites and has +1,300 followers (as of May 2020).

Counter campaign

Circumcision: Mutilation Watch has shared some information about genital mutilation on minors that triggered circumfetishists to start their own anti-campaign Facebook page against this informative page, named Watching Mutilation Watch. They accuse Circumcision: Mutilation Watch to be a bully page against circumcision but bully intactivists themselves, claiming to give those folks a taste of their own medicine. They don't offer valid arguments pro circumcision which hasn't been debunked already. This anonymous page has just 300 followers (as of May 2020). The behavior of the anonymous writers is comparable to that of web stalkers. Choice of words, language style and expression are similar to that of other Facebook counter campaign pages against intactivists or intactivism groups.

External links

  • Circumcision: Mutilation Watch REFweb Facebook page. Retrieved 19 May 2020.