Company Attempting To Regrow Foreskin Of Circumcised Men - Young Turks mention Foregen

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"If someone has grown up male in the United States, odds are that he doesn’t have a foreskin. Most Americans likely haven’t given this much thought, and if they have, it’s probably along the lines of “good, it’s better this way.”

But a growing number of men known as "intactivists" are expressing outrage about being circumcised—which they call an “unnecessary amputation”—before they were old enough to understand the implications of the procedure and consider providing consent.

As adults, short of undergoing a complex surgery that transplants scrotal tissue onto the penile shaft, or practicing a body mod technique called ‘tugging’ that can sometimes stretch the remaining foreskin tissue back over the head of the penis, these men have been left to wonder: “What would sex be like with a foreskin?”

Now, a company called Foregen purports to soon be able to help these men answer that question by using regenerative medicine to regrow their foreskins—much like a salamander can regrow a severed appendage."