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Godfrey Kigozi is member of the 2018 Guideline Development Group (GDG) of the WHO. The GDG's task is to develop updated recommendations on safe male circumcision for HIV prevention and related service delivery for adolescent boys and men in generalized HIV epidemics.[1]


The WHO published the following biography of Godfrey Kigozi:

Kigozi, Godfrey

  • Rakai Health Sciences Organization
  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda (MBCHB); Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA (MPH); Makerere University/Johns Hopkins Blomberg School of Public Health (PhD).
  • Kampala, Uganda

Godfrey Kigozi (MPH, PhD) is Head of Research and Technical advisor for Voluntary Medical Male circumcision (VMMC) at Rakai Health Sciences Program in Uganda.

His focus is on HIV epidemiology and prevention. He has experience in design and conduct of complex research studies including randomized controlled trials, longitudinal cohort studies, and implementation evaluation. He is an investigator on a number NIH and Gates foundation VMMC study protocols that are being implemented in Rakai, Uganda. Godfrey has authored over 150 papers in peer reviewed journals most in the field of VMMC. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/collections/mybibliography/?reload=addfrompubmed&sortby=date&groupby=citation_type)

Godfrey has experience in design, implementation and management of HIV prevention programs, including VMMC programs. Godfrey is currently involved in development of a comprehensive national adult and infant VMMC skills training curriculum. The curriculum will be used to equip VMMC providers with skills in provision of safe VMMC using surgical and approved device methods as well as skills to provide emergency resuscitation.[2]

Kigozi has been closely associated with the Rakai project to promote male circumcision as a prophylactic measure against HIV, HPV, and other diseases for many years. The Rakai Project produced one of the three deeply flawed RCTs. He has co-authored numerous papers on HIV and circumcision with Aaron Tobian, Ronald H. Gray, Maria Wawer, and other authors. PubMed names Kigozi as an author of 189 papers, almost all of which promote male circumcision is some way. He is deeply immersed in the promotion of male circumcision.

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