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This page will give you the basics for leaving messages on a user's talk page.

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Create a section

If your message is not in response to any other comment on the user's talk page, please make a new section for your message. Title your new section like you would title an email. To create a new section, enclose it in double equal symbols, like this:

==Title of new section goes here==

Indent threads

If you are replying to a comment already on the page, put your comment directly under it, and preceed it with a colon, like this:

Comment you will be replying to.
:This is your reply.

If the comment you are replying to already has a colon in front of it, put two colons in front of your comment, like this:

:Comment you will be replying to.
::This is your reply.

Sign your message

At the end of every message, you should always end with a signature. To do this, simply add two dashes followed by four tildes, like this:


Another example:

This is my message.--~~~~