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Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen

Honorable Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen was the family judge assigned to the Nebus vs Hironimus case.

During the original audience, Gillen ignored medical expert Charles Flack's argument that C.R.N.H. had no medical need for circumcision, that he wouldn't circumcise a son at that age, instead promoting dubious arguments of benefits, indicating in the ruling: '"that penile cancer occurs only in uncircumcised males and uncircumcised males have a higher risk of HIV infection than circumcised males. He further testified that the procedure last only 17 minutes and patients experience little post-operative discomfort and few recovery problems. Finally, he testified that performing the procedure on boys up to 10 years of age is medically acceptable, the concern being that with older boys who have reached puberty, an erection could cause tears in the sutures."'[1]

Gillen also dismissed Heather Hironimus' fear of the risk of death due to general anesthesia.

On 10 March 2015, while Hironimus was hiding at a domestic violence shelter, Gillen said he wanted to "reign in this case," and added that circumcision is "short, under local anesthesia, and, and the stage of the boy's life, is very, very safe."[2] This statement is not true, circumcision after the age of 1 typically requires general anesthesia, and according to the CDC the risks after the age of 1 grow 20 times.[3]. This day, Judge Gillen signed a writ of bodily attachment, calling Hironimus' fears "irrelevant at this point".

Hironimus was arrested on 14 May 2015 and appeared in Judge Gillen's court on 22 May 2015. Judge Gillen demanded she sign the consent form for circumcision. Hironimus initially declined. Gillen informed her that she would be detained indefinitely until she signs the agreement. Hironimus then changed her mind, and signed the papers handcuffed and visibly altered.

Effective 01 June 2015 Judge Gillen has rotated to circuit civil division "AE".

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