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Lara Johnson Stang is a Regret mom who wants to share her story with others.

A Regret Mom
I wish the World Wide Web was at my fingertips when my son was born and I knew now what I didn't know then. My husband and I were tricked conned and lied to. These bastards who hold the knife get off without a word while parents are left with guilt, anger, self loathing, and threats.

It's easy now to educate oneself in the age of information and to wake up from the deep indoctrination and lies that those who we thought are looking after our best interest are really the ones trying to destroy us. I'm a regret mom and I have every fucking right to be pissed off. I will never trust the medical industry again and although my son says he's fine and has no issues or hard feelings I will never forgive myself for allowing that bastard of a man to permanently scar my beautiful son for life.

If I were to hide in silence and shame, as many people tell me to do, I would be an enabler which I will not do. I will NOT suffer in silence. Regret parents have just as much right to speak out and are often more courageous to speak up about it than men because most men would rather die silently than admit their penises are broken.

Silence feeds the mutilators. It's time to get louder.
– Lara Johnson Stang (Her blog)[1]

Regret Parents of Male Genital Mutilation
A true regret parent will validate their son’s pain and admit what they did was evil and unforgivable. A true regret parent will not remain silent but will protest against MGM and educate as many people about male genital mutilation as they can. A true regret parent will be understanding of their sons emotions and never tire of listening to them express themselves. HOWEVER, a true regret parent is NEVER deserving of abuse or bullying. If they are truly remorseful they will do whatever it takes whether it’s paying for tugging devices, going after the cutters, or just being a place to vent. For truly regret parents the only way they can live with themselves is to be outspoken about MGM and they should NEVER be told to remain silent. There are more happily cut men speaking out than there are unhappily cut men which is understandable but at the same time disgusting and cowardly. Shame and egos are the biggest stumbling blocks to ending MGM and the cutters know it. Parents who refuse to admit their crime are only thinking of themselves and their reputation. It’s very narcissistic for a parent to not acknowledge they have fucked up beyond repair just as it is for a man to defend his mutilation to protect his own ego at the expense of babies everywhere.

Those who are brave enough to speak about such a taboo subject in our indoctrinated cutting society are golden and should never be berated, hated, or scorned. To do so only feeds the criminals and the crime. People who say we should calm down, relax, and channel our energies into more positive things should be locked in a room to watch a circumcision video with the volume turned up until they feel otherwise. Slavery never ended by quenching normal human emotions triggered by human injustice and torture and neither will the sexual mutilation of men. This is war and war knows no mercy.
– Lara Johnson Stang (Her blog)[2]

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