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Moses Galukande is member of the 2018 Guideline Development Group (GDG) of the WHO. The GDG's task is to develop updated recommendations on safe male circumcision for HIV prevention and related service delivery for adolescent boys and men in generalized HIV epidemics.[1]


The WHO published the following biography of Moses Galukande:

Galukande Moses

  • Makerere University, College of Health Sciences
  • MBChB(Mak), M.Med(Mak), MSc HPE(Maastricht), FCS ( ECSA), PhD (Mak)
  • Kampala, Uganda

Moses Galukande, a specialist general surgeon in active surgical practice. He is also an academic and is Head of Surgery Department, School of Medicine College of Health Sciences at Makerere University in Kampala. Makerere University is Uganda’s oldest and largest University. He is a Director of Surgery, Education and Research for International Medical Group (IMG). IMG is a conglomerate comprised of a hospital, a health Insurance company, a pharmaceutical company and numerous clinics. He has contributed to HIV prevention control through delivery of Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) services. In collaboration with Infectious Disease Institute, at Makerere and other implementation partners supported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), he has directly supervised the conduct of over 48,000 SMCs since 2011.

He has participated in several SMC related research and published several papers in the area. He is a member of the SMC safety monitoring team for the Ministry of Health, Uganda, as well as being a member of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Innovations in Male Circumcision from 2014. Professor Galukande has authored over 110 papers in peer reviewed journals; he has worked both in the private and public health service delivery systems. He is also a medical education expert with special interest in curriculum development, evaluation and assessment for quality of Medical education. He sits on several education and health service advisory committees.[2]

Dr. Gaulukande was the lead autor of an article to report on the outcome of circumcision surgery with the PrePex circumcision device.[3] He reported favorably. It appears that he favors circumcision.

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