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Onkemetse Conrad Ntsuape is member of the 2018 Guideline Development Group (GDG) of the WHO. The GDG's task is to develop updated recommendations on safe male circumcision for HIV prevention and related service delivery for adolescent boys and men in generalized HIV epidemics.[1]


The WHO published the following biography of Onkemetse Conrad Ntsuape:

Ntsuape, Onkemetse Conrad {C.O.N}

  • Ministry of Health and Wellness, Botswana
  • Bachelor Nursing, Post Graduate Diploma Mental Health Nursing. (Currently pursuing a Master of Public Health Degree with Unisa)
  • Gaborone, Botswana.

Mr. Conrad Ntsuape is the National Coordinator for the Safe Male Circumcision Program in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Botswana

Mr Ntsuape has extensive experience in program management and has been involved in a number of program related intervention including conducting various intervention evaluation studies to help improve the male circumcision implementation in Botswana. He has also been the lead investigator in a study to evaluate the Safety and Acceptability of the Prepex devices (2013). The result of the study led to the introduction of the use of SMC devices as an alternative choice for circumcision. In 2015 Mr Ntsuape started a pilot exercise training nurses to do complete SMC surgical procedure, the results which led to over 250 nurses trained on surgical circumcision and a paradigm shift from a doctor to a nurse led circumcision intervention in Botswana.

Mr. Ntsuape is currently spear heading the involvement of other key sector such as Ministry of Basic Education and Skills Development, sport fraternities through Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture, Traditional leadership and women organization to advocate for target specific intervention focusing on youth and gender issues.[2]

Ntsuape is a strong promoter of male circumcision. He is the second listed author of an article that praises the alleged effect of circumcision in preventing HIV infection.[3] Ntsuape appears to be a very strong supporter of non-therapeutic male circumcision.

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