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Susan S.J. Goldstein is member of the 2018 Guideline Development Group (GDG) of the WHO. The GDG's task is to develop updated recommendations on safe male circumcision for HIV prevention and related service delivery for adolescent boys and men in generalized HIV epidemics.[1]


The WHO published the following biography of Susan S.J. Goldstein:

Goldstein, Susan SJ

  • Soul City Institute; University of the Witwatersrand School of Public Health (honorary Senior Lecturer)
  • MBBch MMed (Community Health)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr Goldstein is a medically qualified public health specialist with 20 years working in the field of health promotion and communication in South Africa. She has worked in the field of communication around HIV/AIDS since 1994, focusing on many aspects including sexual prevention, medical male circumcision, prevention of mother to child transmission and crucially in 2004 in the communication around the role out of anti-retroviral treatment. She has experience in many forms of communication and have a special interest in research, monitoring and evaluation, having written many articles about evaluating health communication and understanding what works. She was part of the team who developed the MPH in Social and Behaviour Change Communication at Wits University and continues to teach on this course.

Shei s currently a member of the independent Monitoring Board for the Global Eradication of Polio and served on the Afro Task Team for Immunization (TFI) for a number of years focusing on the role that communication plays in these critical areas. She was the chair of the South African National AIDS Council’s Communication Technical Task Team for 3 years until 2012. She was the chair of the 8th South African AIDS Conference held in Durban June 2017.[2]

Dr. Goldstein is a communications specialist who has presented information on medical male circumcision. One must assume that she believes what she is preaching.

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