Turkish boy laments his circumcision

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Reactions from a turkish boy after a tradtional male circumcision (removal/amputation of the prepuce).

Although all forms of female genitial cutting (FGC) is forbidden in most parts of the world[1], male genitial cutting (MGC) is not and is carried out on thousands of non-consenting males every day. This heartbreaking video should convince all but the most heartless that genitial cutting should be a personal choice by the person in question, not forced upon a child by his parents or others, regardless of the sex of the person being cut.

Please note that this video has been shared on various social medias, but without captions. It is my hope that translating it into e.g. English, will make it reach a wider audience. Should you wish to provide a translation to another language, then feel free to contact me.


  1. Edited; originally the description stated that FGC was forbidden worldwide, but it is still allowed in some countries. Not sure how many, recent sources are hard to come by, and the legality has changed a lot, even during the last few years.