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Johan Nyman (born in Jakobstad, Finland) from Turku, Finland, is member of Intakt Norden.

In 2020, he spoke in a video message to WWDOGA:

In June 2019 the Finnish government established a government program with a gender neutral aim on genital autonomy for children:
  • "The government will ensure sufficient resources for the work against genital mutilation." and
  • "Intersex children's right to self-determination will be strengthened and cosmetic, non-medical surgeries on young children's genitals will no longer be performed."

The government program was re-established in December and the same wording remained. In November, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare published a new action plan named "Non-violent Childhood" with reference to the government program.

In chapter 14, the action plan has specific goals on all children's genital autonomy which conclude that non-medical genital cutting of children can be carried out only when the person[s] themselves can give to it, based on a full understanding of the procedure.

For the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy my message will be: The best way to curbe genital cutting for a particular group of children is to curb it for all children, regardless of their sex, cultural background or other attributes. A family where both parents have had self-determination over their body and their genitals, probably have the best possible pre-requisites to value and cherish the importance of leaving their own child with the same self-determination over [his] body.

Best regards from Finland for the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy.
Johan Nyman (WWDOGA 2020)[1]



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