México Intacto - NO a la circuncisión infantil

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México Intacto - NO a la circuncisión infantil is a Facebook intactivists page.

The practice of male circumcision, which is unfortunately still common, is completely unnecessary but can also be harmful. Many parents continue to accept it for their children, because they do not know that the male foreskin is a natural, functional and sensitive part of the penis. Likewise, it plays an important role in sexuality, enriching the sexual pleasure of both the man and his partner; and a great many men do not like to have it cut without their consent.

The foreskin is not "extra skin": it is an integral part of the penis, a highly specialized skin organ; and it should not be withdrawn lightly, not for "medical" or "hygiene" myths, or for social, cultural or religious reasons. The foreskin is designed to stay there ... that's why all men are born with it!

Also, unfortunately, many doctors do not know well what the normal development of the foreskin is like (because for many decades they simply cut it off); and it is common for them to diagnose "problems" that are actually perfectly normal conditions for a child's growth.

What if we told you that circumcision is not necessary, it does not give any concrete benefit to health and on the contrary, it can harm ... and also that the care and hygiene of the penis of an intact boy is extremely easy?
– México Intacto - NO a la circuncisión infantil

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