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  • ==Video== [[Category:ERROR video private]]
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  • ...have extensive information on this case, but there is dramatic and graphic video and a brief description from the parents. The child (Mohamed Hashem) is 3 y ...the boy suffered serious injury. On November 13, the boy was referred to a private hospital in Jaipur. After investigating the case, the doctors in Jaipur adv
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  • ...ircumcision humor section, which contains jokes about children, and even a video called "Don't cha wish your boyfriend was circumcized?"<ref name="circinfon == Private statements ==
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  • well as representatives from PEPFAR, Peace Corps, CDC, USAID, DoD, and private American institutions, including Columbia University’s International Cent [[Brendon Marotta]] discussed the child circumcision scandal at PEPFAR in a video in December 2019.
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