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The Intactivism Pages - genital autonomy for all is a Facebook page, struggling for genital integrity and against the involuntary genital modification of children of any sex.


This site differs from others opposed to genital mutilation - its focus is on intactness, rather than on circumcision. It is intended to counteract the "circodoxy": the mindset that the foreskin is an "extra" "flap of skin" and that circumcision is the norm - and the corresponding mindsets that lead to the cutting of girls and intersex people.

The Intactivism Pages do not pretend to be "balanced". The case for circumcision has been made daily for decades in public media such as TV sitcoms, magazine articles, by medical "authorities" and by word of mouth. Now, thanks to the Internet, the opposition has a chance to be heard uninterrupted. This site does attempt to tell the truth about circumcision, and not overstate the case against it.

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