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Alex D. Wodak
Brian J. Morris

Alex D. Wodak is an Australian doctor who often promotes circumcision together with Brian J. Morris.


Wodak's interests include promotion of circumcision,[1] prevention of HIV among injecting drug users, brief interventions for problem drinkers, prevention of alcohol problems, treatment of drug users, drug policy reform.


Wodak is a member of the alleged medical organisation Circumcision Academy of Australia, driven by circumfetishist Brian J. Morris. He is currently listed as "Public Health Advisor" there.[2]

Some of Alex Wodak's arguments for circumcision

Intact is harmful to boys and men
Think of real harms to the uncircumcised boy and later man of something like a 1 in 10 risk of urinary tract infection in the uncircumcised, whereas the risk of urinary tract infection in the circumcised is very much lower. Cancer of the penis for example occurs in 1 in 600 uncircumcised men is virtually unheard of in circumcised penis.
– Alex Wodak (Channel 10)[3]
Skin excretions cause cancer
It's to do with the anatomy of the foreskin which traps material underneath it including presumably cancer causing excretions from the skin.
– Alex Wodak (Channel 10)[3]

Research about Wodak

The Intactivists of Australasia have collected more information about Wodak as quoted below:

Wodak has regularly relied upon heavily criticised studies on HIV/AIDS in Africa to support his view that circumcision should be used as a frontline defense against the disease in Australia. His views on this matter lie in stark contrast with those of Australia’s peak medical body, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, which has stated that it ‘does not believe the African data can be directly extrapolated to the Australian or New Zealand circumstance’. In addition to that, Wodak, of all peope, would surely be aware of the fact that the decline in the number of HIV infections being reported in Australia since the 1980’s has occurred concurrently with a steep decline in the number of infant circumcisions being performed.

A Google search reveals that Wodak has made many statements extolling the virtues of circumcision but only one quote could be found in which he promotes the use of condoms (and he mentions circumcision in that statement too). This appears somewhat bizarre, given that the effectiveness of condoms in the prevention of HIV/AIDS is not in dispute, whereas the effectiveness of circumcision remains a matter of great controversy.

Wodak has not made his religious or cultural background public. He is, of course, under no obligation to do so (and nor should he be). It is known however that Australia’s Jewish community claims Wodak as one of their own and that he has participated in at least one public forum hosted by Melbourne’s Jewish community.

Given all of the above, it appears valid to ask the following question: Is Wodak’s stance on circumcision based on ‘public health advocacy’, or is it based on something else?[4]

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