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The term Circumcision advocate describes a person who vehemently advocates and pronounces medically not necessary genital mutilation in children.

Some of these people are committed to their fetish as individuals and influence e.g. information available online (example: Jake Waskett). Others work in groups and denounce, ridicule or stalk intactivists or spread myths that have long been refuted by science as arguments for circumcision.

Bullying techniques

Chances are that discussions about the MGM topic culminate in an exchange of unkindness. There is no tendency to determine whether intactivists or circumcision advocats have started to escalate a discussion; people and situations are too different for that and each person has other trigger words to react on. But there are samples which often repeat and are used by circumcision advocats mostly, especially when they can no longer stand up argumentatively.

Work in progress: The following information does not claim to be complete. More content will be added gradually.

  • Accuse the opponent as being anti-Semitic.
  • Accuse the opponent as being islamophob.
  • Attack ad hominem, i.e. attack the discussion partner personally, not speaking about the topic (ad rem).
  • Cite arguments pro circumcision that have long since been refuted.
  • Claim that inactivists are not about children's rights.
  • Claim that intactivists are pedophile.
  • Denounce inactivists to their employer/organization/party as anti-Semites, etc.
  • Deny and make fun of personal experiences and sufferings from mutilated men.
  • Distract from the topic.
  • Focus on the child's penis, not on his human rights.
  • Give names.
  • Insist on circumcision myths which are already debunked by science or testemonies.
  • Name intactivism a "cult".
  • Ridicule all arguments of the opponent, without counter arguments.
  • Send death threats.
  • Write private messages to the opponent with threatening or bullying content.

Circumcision advocate websites

This incomplete list shows websites and their own "claims" quoted from the websites:

"Real Facts About Male Circumcision"
"supporting Choice NOT misinformation"

Circumcision advocat pages on Facebook

This incomplete list shows some Facebook pages and their own "claims" quoted from their info pages:

"Correcting intactivist LIES"
"Parody page"
"This page will provide information on circumcision and expose the malevolent actions of anti-circumcision fanatics."
"Since Facebook does not want to take down Mutilation Watch, a horrible bully page, we have decided to give those folks a taste of their own medicine."
"This page is devoted to exposing the anti-Semitic roots of intactivism."

It is striking that the choice of words is always quite aggressive and full of ad hominem attacks, intactivists are referred to here as liars, etc. At first glance, groups like The Antisemitic Roots of Intactivism seem to be important, since intactivists don't tolerate anti-Semitism of course, too. But groups whose names already imply that intactivism is fundamentally anti-Semitic disqualify themselves from the outset as being biased.

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