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The Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy (WWDOGA) is a campaign day for the genital autonomy of children which has been initiated by the German "Facharbeitskreis Beschneidungsbetroffener im MOGiS e.V.". Since 2013, it is celebrated on each 7th of May. This date has been chosen because on May 7th, 2012, the District Court of Cologne (Germany) has judged for the first time in Germany, that the circumcision of male children is an assault.

The aim of the WWDOGA is to propagate the right of bodily integrity and sexual self-determination for all children all over the world.

In 2019, the central German event for WWDOGA in Cologne did not take place for the first time on 7 May itself, but on the following Saturday, 11 May. The organizers were able to meet the wishes of many people who had little opportunity to take part in demonstrations during the week. The participation was correspondingly higher.

In 2020 & 2021, the German WWDOGA event in Cologne, which was to take place again on the Saturday following WWDOGA, was canceled due to the corona crisis.[1] For this reason, MOGiS e.V. posted video messages of the intended speakers online on its YouTube channel.[2]

List of Speakers at the WWDOGA in Cologne


The speeches on WWDOGA 2021 are not held live in Cologne because of the ongoing Corona Pandemic in 2021, but will be shared via video message in the YouTube channel by MOGiS e.V.. Here is the draft time schedule:

09:30-09:50 - Introduction
09:50-10:00 - Greetings Ulrike Bahr, MdB, Rapporteur for child and youth welfare of the SPD parliamentary group
10:00-11:30 - „The business with the foreskin“ – Live discussion with Dr. Bernhard Stier, Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, Prof. Dr. Matthias Franz, Volker Handke & Gunter Neubauer (Mod. Victor Schiering)
11:30-12:15 - News from Australia – video clips – social media activitiesw, Foreskin Revolution / Darbon Institute, Michael Winnel, N.N. (Australia)
12:15-12:30 - Live talk - Katja Keul, MdB, Spokeswoman for legal policy of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Bundestag parliamentary group
12:55-13:00 - Film: „We stay on the ball!“ Lobby for Girls e.V.
13:00-13:50 - „Circumcision in Islam“ - Seyran Ateş (Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque Berlin) talking with Prof. Mohamed Fahmy (pediatric surgeon)
13:50-13:55 - The Sex Organs – Music Slot 1 (The Netherlands/Switzerland)
13:55-14:00 - Landearbeitsgemeinschaft Jungen*- und Männer*arbeit Bayern e.V.: Statement Matthias Becker, 1. chairman
14:45-14:55 - Men Do Complain / Statement Richard Duncker (UK)
14:55-15:00 - Statement - Partei der Humanisten, Maria Krause, deputy chairwoman
15:00-15:15 - Live interview: „FGM and how to counter it“, Prof. Dr. Godula Kosack, CEO TERRE DES FEMMES e.V.
15:15-15:20 - Jungs e.V. / Statement Sven Leimkühler
15:30-16:00 - Live talk Säkulare Flüchtlingshilfe e.V., with Lilith Raza, Rana Ahmad & Stefan Paintner
16:00-16:30 - Projekt 100% MENSCH live talk, Holger Edmaier, and Lucie Veith
16:30-17:15 - Action Rain Vienna: Interview with the rain worker Margaret Bachlechner about FGM (Kenya/Austria)
17:15-17:45 - Live talk about the legal situation, Prof. Dr. Christoph Mandla
18:00-18:15 - Intakt Norden: Live news from the Nordic countries, with Johan Nyman
18:30-19:15 - „We all aren't here voluntarily“ – Live discussion with Ephraim Seidenberg, Manasseh Seidenberg, Muhammet Savci, Alexander Bachl & Victor Schiering (Germany/Switzerland)
19:15-20:00 - Live talk 15 Square: „Legal affairs“, Prof. Peter W. Adler, David Smith, Jason Metters (USA/UK)
20:00-20:30 - Live from Israel: „Circumcision in Israel“, Ronit Tamir (KAHAL)
20:50-21:00 - The Sex Organs – Music Slot 2 (The Netherlands/Switzerland)
21:00-21:30 - Live presentation - Intaction, Anthony Losquadro (USA)


The speeches on WWDOGA 2020 were not held live in Cologne because of the Corona Pandemic 2020, but were shared via video message in the YouTube channel by MOGiS e.V., with Victor Schiering from MOGiS e.V. having three messages:

# Speaker
2 Holger Edmaier - CEO Projekt 100% MENSCH
3 Ronit Tamir - KAHAL, Israel
4 Richard Duncker - Men Do Complain & Genital Autonomy, UK
5 HennaMond e.V.
6 Jason Metters - 15 Square, UK
7 Thoralf Fricke - pro familia Lower Bavaria e.V.
8 Victor Schiering - Chairman of MOGiS e.V. - A Voice For Those Affected
9 Prince Hillary Maloba - VMMC Experience Project
10 Darya Otto - Lobby für Mädchen e.V.
11 Woorod Zuhair - FEMEN, Iran
12 Matthias Ehm - Die Linke Baden-Wuerttemberg
13 Lars Stephan - Partei der Humanisten NRW
14 Shemuel Garber - intaktiv e.V. (USA)
15 Matthias Becker - Boys* and Men*work Bavaria e.V.
16 Guy Sinden - Droit au corps,
17 Dr. Christoph Kupferschmid - BVKJ
18 Matthias W. Birkwald - Die Linke
19 David Balashinsky - Jews Against Circumcision
20 Prof. Dr. Godula Kusack - CEO of TERRE DES FEMMES
21 Dr. Jens Brandenburg - LGBTI political spokesman, FDP Bundestag fraction
22 Gudrun Meyer - pro familia
23 Rana Ahmad - Secular refugee aid in Germany
24 Sven Leimkühler - jungs e.V.
25 David Smith - 15 Square
26 Mikael Aktor - Intact Denmark
27 Éric Fernanché Lévy - Brit Shalom l'Alliance sans Souffrance
28 Johan Nyman - Intakt Norden








Accompanying events


  • Due to the Corona crisis, only online events and publications have been done.[2][3]


  • Germany
    • Kick-off event of the one-year awareness campaign "My body - intact and self-determined", Berlin.[4]
  • Israel
    • Israeli intact activists demonstrate against children against MGM.
  • Kenya
    • First demo of Kenyan Intactivists at the Okalo Market in Matunga, Kakamega County.
  • Norway
    • Event "Bodily integrity and genital autonomy" in Turku, organized by JÅ - Intresseföreningen för jämställdhet vid ÅA.
  • USA


  • Germany
  • Israel
    • Israelic intactivists celebrated a "Conciousness Day Circumcision" for the first time on this day.
  • USA


  • Germany
    • The WWDOGA in Germany was introduced by a press conference in Berlin on May 4th, and closed by a symposium Jungenbeschneidung in Deutschland - eine Bestandsaufnahme (Circumcision on boys in Germany - an inventory) at the university Düsseldorf on May 8th.
  • USA
    • Denver: Intactivists demonstrated between California and Stout Street.
    • Los Angeles: Genital Autonomy - America hosted films and discussions of the common ground surrounding non-therapeutic genital cutting of male, female, and intersex children.
    • San Diego: Intactivists demonstrated in front of the ACOG and informed the doctors about the harmful consequences of RIC.
    • San Francisco: The Bay Area Intactivists demonstrated in the streets.


  • Australia
  • Germany
    • The WWDOGA in Germany was accompanied by four in film and discussion events, where the films Circumcision by Ari Libsker, Hibos Lied - Weibliche Genitalverstümmelung und die Macht der Tradition by Renate Bernhard and Sigrid Dethlof, and the animated short film Hermes und Aphrodite by Gregor Zootsky were shown in Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Berlin.[5]
  • UK
    • London: Intactivists from London demonstrated in the city with banners and info sheets.
  • USA
    • Cathedral City (California): On two days, films around the topic of circumcision were shown and discussed.
    • Charleston (WV): On the WWDOGA, the 3rd day of the Mid-Atlantic, White House & Ob-Gyn Circumcision Crisis Protests took place.
    • Denver: Intactivists demonstrated between California and Stout Street.
    • New York: Intactivists demonstrated peacefully against circmcision of children at the Union Square.[6]
    • San Francisco: The Bay Area Intactivists demonstrated in the streets.[7]


In Germany, the WWDOGA was followed by a "Genital Autonomy" conference in the Haus der Jugend (Youth Hostel) in Frankfurt/Main.


In Germany, a Scientific Symposium took place one day earlier in Cologne, being organized by MOGiS e.V. and pro familia NRW.

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