Aesthetic labiaplasty

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Marco A. Pelosi, III, MD, cosmetic gynecologist and cofounder of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG), demonstrates a complex labia minora reduction labiaplasty extending to the level of the clitoral hood on the right side and a simple beveled labia minoraplasty on the left side. The patient requested a moderate labial profile and opted for a total local anesthesia field block.

The procedure begins with transillumination arterial mapping & targeted injections of local anesthesia supplemented with vasoconstrictors to achieve a bloodless surgical field, proceeds with targeted ligation of the main vessels, then follows with sculptural dissection. In this case, I chose a loop radioscalpel for depth control which I prefer over the laser or the cold scalpel for moderate profile endpoints.

The procedure lasted 45 minutes, the patient's self-reported visual analog (VAS) pain score was zero out of 10 for the duration of the procedure and for the rest of the day. There was no measurable blood loss. Typical return to work is 48 hours and return to sexual activity is six weeks.