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Andreas Manok is a German lawyer.

After studying law at the Universities in Mannheim and Tübingen and the legal clerkship in Konstanz and Istanbul (Turkey), Andreas Manok filed the second legal state examination in 1990. Since then, he has worked as a lawyer. This was followed by further training in labor law specialist and medical law. From 2009 to 2011 he completed a Master's program Medical Law at the Dresden International University. Following this, he completed his PhD at the chair of Prof. Dr. Bernd-Rüdiger Kern at the University of Leipzig. Andreas Manok is a partner in a mid-sized law firm in Ravensburg. He advises and represents mainly doctors and other providers in the health sector in all relevant legal matters.[1]

In 2015, he published the book The medically not indicated circumcision of the male child – Legal situation before and after the adoption of § 1631d Civil Code with special consideration of fundamental rights, Writings on health law [SGR], vol. 34, 2015. 217 pp in Duncker & Humblot.

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