Art. 4 GG

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Art. 4 GG reads (highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Article 4[1]

(1) The freedom of belief, conscience and freedom of religion and belief are inviolable.

(2) The undisturbed practice of religion is guaranteed.

(3) No one may be forced to do military service against his conscience. The details are governed by a federal law.

IntactiWiki non-binding comment:

From Article 4 GG (1) and (2) are relevant.
Ad (1): The freedom to have any ideological creed must apply to everyone from birth. Anyone who has received a "religious brand" as a (small) child as a result of a ritual genital mutilation at the request of his parents will hardly be able to freely choose his world view later, as many affected people report again and again.
Ad (2): In principle, the undisturbed practice of religion must also apply to children, even if there is an increasing view today that children are still free of religion. But there are also limits to the undisturbed exercise of religion by adults in the Basic Law (see Art. 140 GG and of course the corresponding StGB paragraphs).

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