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FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) is the leading African Diaspora women-led organisation working to end violence against women and girls.[1]


Founded in 1983, FORWARD has played a key role in placing FGM on the national and global agenda as a violation of human rights. Their approach to women’s issues highlights the links between FGM and other harmful practices, from child marriage to domestic and sexual violence, as well as their negative effect on African women and girls.[2]

FORWARD supports affected women and girls on the ground – bringing together communities, developing skills and knowledge, and nurturing young women leaders of tomorrow. They work strategically to challenge and support decision-makers and practitioners – conducting community research, building partnerships and creating opportunities to transform lives.[2]


FORWARD is an organization which engages against circumcision on women and minors where minors apparently refers to girls only because the official website clearly states the focus on women and girls. Searching "MGM" on their website doesn't give a single hit, "Circumcision" links only articles about female circumcision.

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