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The Humanistische Pressedienst (humanist press service) (HPD) presents enlightened, humanist and free spirited positions to current events. The Internet portal will give confessionless people a voice - a third of the population in Germany. The HPD sees itself as a platform for a wide spectrum of secular aspirations with their actors, he is well networked and he would like to contribute to the formation of their opinion.

With twelve million page impressions a year and an average of 8,500 visitors per day, the HPD is the most important online medium to free-thinking humanist themes in German-speaking countries.

The HPD was initiated by the Giordano Bruno Foundation and the Humanist Association of Germany and went online in August 2006. Thanks to the professional work of its predominantly volunteer editors, correspondents and writers all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the portal quickly reached a high acceptance far beyond the secular humanist scene. Media already also use the HPD as a source of information about non-denominational free life, thinking and positioning.

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