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Angela Saltalamacchia, BSN, RN, received her LPN in 2013, graduating in the top three of her class. She worked in Family Medicine and Urgent Care while studying for her RN at Quincy College and went on with a full academic scholarship to receive her BSN from Chamberlain College. After graduating, she first worked in Geriatrics and Home Care, where she taught CNAs how to care for the intact penis and advocated for elderly men keeping their whole bodies.[1] Now Angela is an ER nurse at a Level 3 trauma center where she cares for both pediatric and adult patients.[2]

Angela is a mom to three intact kids. Her very supportive partner is from Ireland where families don't circumcise. She is an admin and a member of the Advisory Board in : A Community for Learning and Raising Your Whole Baby, and is beginning a nursing school outreach project to change curricula to reflect best practices in intact care and circumcision education.[2]

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