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Intact is an adjective that is defined as meaning "remaining sound, entire, or uninjured; not impaired in any way, having all physical parts."[1]

Intact is the preferred antonym for circumcised. An intact boy is a foreskinned boy.

According to the WHO, about 70 percent of living males are intact. Being intact is the normal condition of human males.


Jeffrey R. Wood, an early intactivist, is believed to be the first person to apply the word to the condition of having a normal, complete, natural penis.

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    Quote: undamaged, whole, complete, sound, perfect, entire, virgin, untouched, unscathed, unbroken, flawless, unhurt, faultless, unharmed, uninjured, unimpaired, undefiled, all in one piece, together, scatheless, unviolated