Art. 1 GG

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Art. 1 GG reads (highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Article 1[1]

(1) Human dignity is inviolable. Respecting and protecting them is an obligation of all state violence.

(2) The German people is therefore committed to inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, peace and justice in the world.

(3) The following fundamental rights bind legislation, executive power and case law as directly applicable law.

IntactiWiki non-binding comment:

Human dignity is worth protecting at the latest from birth. Defiling defenseless children of healthy genitals is an extreme violation of their dignity in addition to permanent bodily harm. The fundamental rights enshrined in the German Basic Law must remain inviolable and inalienable, which is no longer the case with the German Circumcision Act at the latest.