Art. 33 GG

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Art. 33 GG reads (Highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
Article 33[1]

(1) Every German has the same civil rights and obligations in every country.

(2) Every German has equal access to every public office according to his suitability, qualifications and professional performance.

(3) The enjoyment of civil and civil rights, admission to public office and rights acquired in public services are independent of the religious creed. No one may be disadvantaged from belonging or not belonging to a confession or belief.

(4) The exercise of sovereign powers is usually a permanent task to be entrusted to members of the public service who have a public service and loyalty relationship.

(5) The law of the civil service is to be regulated and developed taking into account the established principles of professional civil servants.

IntactiWiki non-binding comment:

From Article 33 GG (1) and (3) are relevant.
(1) emphasizes again that all Germans are equal before German law. There is no age limit here. Even though the Mohel clause is pretty strict, the German Circumcision Act documents that certain people have more rights than others when it comes to female genital mutilation.
(3) once again makes it clear that no disadvantage may arise from the chosen worldview. This is exactly what happens e.g. with children of religious parents through the German Circumcision Act.