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Meine Beschneidung is a German short film (17 minutes) from 2013 by director Arne Ahrens. The German Film and Media Assessment (FBW) gave it the rating "particularly valuable". It also won the Max Ophüls Prize for best short film in 2013.[1]

Description (press text)

If there is one thing nine-year-old Ümit has no desire for, then it's a trip to Turkey with his family. Especially not when it comes to the circumcision that is waiting for him there. Ümit misses his friends in Germany, finds everyone stupid, especially his cousin Haluk, and feels totally out of place. But tradition is tradition and thus Ümit faces his fears. But not without his Mesut Özil shirt! Arne Ahrens has succeeded here in a small fine story about being a child, growing up and developing an unusual friendship. He only uses the ritual of circumcision as a cultural background and focuses more on the perspective of the cousins ​​Ümit and Haluk. Through them, the film, which is based on a real event, negotiates a huge culture clash in just 17 minutes, in which, in the end, the old truth applies: shared suffering is half suffering. And together you are always stronger. This cross-border message is packaged in a lively script, and there is also an authentic play by the performers. Wonderfully light and entertaining short film cinema. (FBW)[2]

Jury statement

The title already draws attention to a topic that is currently [2013; note by IntactiWiki] contradictory and vehemently and almost relentlessly discussed from many sides. The film escapes this tendency, and that too makes it particularly valuable. The nine-year-old Ümit, who grew up in Germany, goes with his parents to their Turkish homeland to be circumcised there together with his Turkish cousin Haluk. Already at the first meeting of the two boys, different experiences and resulting cultural imprints collide, which almost explode shortly afterwards and ultimately merge into existing commonalities. Arne Ahrens succeeds in telling weighty things perfectly with ease. Quiet humor, imaginative ideas, a successful language and music melt together and make this short film a success. (FBW)[2]

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