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Necla Kelek (2010)

Dr. Necla Kelek (born 31 December 1957 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a German sociologist and publicist of Circassian descent. She is regarded as a distinguished Islam critic, sees herself as a women's rights activist and has advised various German authorities on Islamic customs and customs.

Since November 2017, she is an intaktiv ambassador. Her statement against circumcision:

Even today, the sons of Allah are circumcised by their parents, because tradition and tradition are common in the Islamic world and in the cultural environment. Uncircumcised boys are not accepted in Turkish-Islamic society, circumcision belongs to Muslimism and indissoluble to male identity. And this only wins, who can endure pain. Those who can not stand, who do not seem willing to sacrifice part of themselves to Allah, are not among them. With this background, I reject the circumcisions on unappeasable boys.
– Necla Kelek (intaktiv website)[1]

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