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intaktiv e.V. - eine Stimme für genitale Selbstbestimmung (a voice for genital self-determination) (Germany) supports the WWDOGA.

intaktiv has been founded in May 2013, is situated in Mainz (Germany), being a registered association since November 2013.


A small group of prominent and experienced supporters has been entitled so-called Ambassadors by intaktiv[1]. Above all, their task is to carry the theme of genital self-determination for children using their prominence and expertise in the public. Currently, the following Ambassadors have been entitled:


  • Since February 2018, intaktiv is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Prävention und Intervention bei Kindesmisshandlung und -vernachlässigung e. V.[2]
  • Since June 2021 intaktiv has been a member of Kindernetzwerk e.V. (knw), the umbrella organization for self-help families with children and young adults with chronic diseases and disabilities.[3]

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