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Dr. Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld

Dr. Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld has been a specialist in urology since 1993 and has been a urologist since 1995. He is also the author of several medical-scientific books. Until January 01, 2018 he was a member of the scientific advisory board of the "URO-News" (Springer Medicine). As an experienced urologist, Dr. Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld knows about the important functions of the male foreskin and pleads for a medical practice that does justice to this knowledge. The education about pre-treatment methods, especially in phimosis, is a major concern for him.[1]

Since August 2019 he is intaktiv ambassador. As a doctor and intaktiv ambassador, he therefore says that circumcision should be obsolete for no medical reason and that urologists should be much more sensitive to this issue.

As a long-time urologist with university education, I am very often concerned with the question of the need for circumcision. For me, it is always negative how negligently the indication for circumcision is handled especially in children.

Circumcision without medical indication should be obsolete. The foreskin is not a meaningless flap of skin, but a highly sensitive organ, which should not be removed easily. Urologists should be much more sensitive to this issue than they are at the moment.

I also openly criticize the attitude and the procedure of those urologists, who give the impression that there is only an all-or-nothing principle in circumcision. Of course, thrifty circumcisions or plastic surgeries are possible in the case of an operation-requiring tightness and should also be offered in the context of education by all urologists.
– Dr. Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld (intaktiv website)[2]

On the occasion of WWDOGA 2021, Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld and Holger Fehmel gave the Berliner Zeitung a detailed interview about the day of genital autonomy.[3]