Holger Fehmel

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Holger Fehmel

Holger Fehmel (born 18 November 1972) is a lawyer, humanist and intactivist.

He grew up in Hagen (Westphalia, Germany), then studied law in Bielefeld and practices as a lawyer since 2004 in Osnabrück.

Being circumcised in his early childhood, he published some articles since the beginning of the Circumcision Debate (e.g. [1][2][3]) in social networks, in which he dealt critically and involving his own experiences with the practice and the long term consequences of circumcision. However, he is always searching for constructive dialog and a conciliatory tone towards communities which perform circumcision traditionally.

He is a member of the Humanist Association of Germany (HVD), at intaktiv e.V., in the Party of Humanists (PdH), and in the Friends Circle of the Giordano Bruno Foundation (gbs).

Fehmel is co-signer of the "Statement on foreskin circumcision" of 2014.

On the occasion of WWDOGA 2021, Holger Fehmel and Thomas Kreutzig-Langenfeld gave the Berliner Zeitung a detailed interview about the day of genital autonomy.[4]


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