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Ann-Marlene Henning (born 1964 in Viborg, Central Jutland, Denmark) is a Danish psychologist, sexologist, TV presenter and author.

As a sexologist she leads a practice for sexual and couples therapy in Hamburg. As a presenter of the TV documentary series "Make Love" she deals with topics around sex in a lively and sensitive way and encourages people to handle their sexuality with confidence. Ann-Marlene Henning is the author of several books on love and sex, her latest, "Men - Sex.Body.Health." was published on 23 October 2018 by Rowohlt.[1]

Since October 2018, she is an intaktiv ambassador. Her statement against circumcision:

Swipe with two fingers over the back of your hand. The sensitivity you feel is similar to the shaft of the penis. Now stroke the inside of one of your hands. The sensitivity here corresponds to that of the foreskin. Simply removing these skin, which is particularly sensitive in the positive sense, is bodily injury and usually completely unnecessary. I am strictly against it.
– Ann-Marlene Henning (intaktiv website)[2]

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