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The SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) is a German political party. In 2012, when the German Circumcision Act was whipped through the 17th German Bundestag in record time and passed on 2012-12-12, it was the largest opposition party in the Bundestag.

Circumcision, Federal Government Bill

Draft law by the federal government on the extent of personal care in the event of a male circumcision (printed matters 17/11295, 17/11800, and 17/11814)

Voting by parties

On 2012-12-12, the German Bundestag voted on the German Circumcision Act as follows:

Party Member Yes No Abstained Didn't vote % Yes % No
Total 620 434 100 46 40 70,00 % 16,13 %
CDU/CSU 237 215 3 3 16 90,72 % 1,27 %
CDU 193 177 3 3 9 92,19 % 1,55 %
CSU 44 37 0 0 7 84,09 % 0,0 %
SPD 146 89 32 16 9 60,96 % 21,92 %
FDP 93 79 5 2 7 84,95 % 5,38 %
LEFT 76 17 44 10 5 22,37 % 57,89 %
GREENS 68 34 16 15 3 50,00 % 23,53 %

In this vote, the SPD was in favor of the German Circumcision Act with around 61%, while the other 39% were against, abstained or did not take part in the vote at all.

Voting behavior in the German Circumcision Act by MPs

Yes = Consent that boys in Germany should no longer have the right to physical integrity.
No = These MPs advocate that boys in Germany should retain the right to physical integrity.
Name Party State Vote
Arndt-Brauer, Ingrid SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Arnold, Rainer SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Barchmann, Heinz-Joachim SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Barnett, Doris SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Bartels, Dr. Hans-Peter SPD Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Barthel, Klaus SPD Bavaria Abstained
Bartol, Sören SPD Hesse Yes
Bas, Bärbel SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Bätzing-Lichtenthäler, Sabine SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Becker, Dirk SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Beckmeyer, Uwe SPD Bremen Yes
Binding, Lothar SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Bollmann, Gerd SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Brandner, Klaus SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Brase, Willi SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Brinkmann, Bernhard SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Bulmahn, Dr. h.c. Edelgard SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Bülow, Marco SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Burchardt, Ulla SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Burkert, Martin SPD Bavaria Yes
Crone, Petra SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Danckert, Prof. Dr. Peter SPD Brandenburg Abstained
Dörmann, Martin SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Drobinski-Weiß, Elvira SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Edathy, Sebastian SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Egloff, Ingo SPD Hamburg No
Ehrmann, Siegmund SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Erler, Dr. h.c. Gernot SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Ernstberger, Petra SPD Bavaria Abstained
Evers-Meyer, Karin SPD Lower Saxony No
Ferner, Elke SPD Saarland No
Fograscher, Gabriele SPD Bavaria Yes
Franke, Dr. Edgar SPD Hesse Abstained
Freitag, Dagmar SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Gabriel, Sigmar SPD Lower Saxony Didn't vote
Gerdes, Michael SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Gerster, Martin SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Gleicke, Iris SPD Thuringia Yes
Gloser, Günter SPD Bavaria Yes
Gottschalck, Ulrike SPD Hesse Didn't vote
Graf, Angelika SPD Bavaria Abstained
Griese, Kerstin SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Groneberg, Gabriele SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Groß, Michael SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Abstained
Gunkel, Wolfgang SPD Saxony Yes
Hacker, Hans-Joachim SPD Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Hagedorn, Bettina SPD Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Hagemann, Klaus SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Hartmann, Michael SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Heil, Hubertus SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Hellmich, Wolfgang SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Hempelmann, Rolf SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Abstained
Hendricks, Dr. Barbara SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Herzog, Gustav SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Abstained
Hiller-Ohm, Gabriele SPD Schleswig-Holstein No
Hinz, Petra SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Hofmann, Frank SPD Bavaria Didn't vote
Högl, Dr. Eva SPD Berlin Yes
Humme, Christel SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Juratovic, Josip SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Kaczmarek, Oliver SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Kahrs, Johannes SPD Hamburg Yes
Kastner, Dr. h. c. Susanne SPD Bavaria Yes
Kelber, Ulrich SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Klingbeil, Lars SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Klose, Hans-Ulrich SPD Hamburg Yes
Kofler, Dr. Bärbel SPD Bavaria Yes
Kolbe, Daniela SPD Saxony Yes
Körper, Fritz Rudolf SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Kramme, Anette SPD Bavaria Didn't vote
Krüger-Leißner, Angelika SPD Brandenburg No
Kumpf, Ute SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Lambrecht, Christine SPD Hesse Yes
Lange, Christian SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Lauterbach, Dr. Karl SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Lemme, Steffen-Claudio SPD Thuringia No
Lischka, Burkhard SPD Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Lösekrug-Möller, Gabriele SPD Lower Saxony Abstained
Lühmann, Kirsten SPD Lower Saxony No
Marks, Caren SPD Lower Saxony No
Mast, Katja SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Mattheis, Hilde SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Abstained
Merkel, Petra SPD Berlin Yes
Meßmer, Ullrich SPD Hesse Abstained
Miersch, Dr. Matthias SPD Lower Saxony Abstained
Müntefering, Franz SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Mützenich, Dr. Rolf SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Nahles, Andrea SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Nietan, Dietmar SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Nink, Manfred SPD Rhineland-Palatinate Didn't vote
Oppermann, Thomas SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Ortel, Holger SPD Lower Saxony Didn't vote
Özoguz, Aydan SPD Hamburg Yes
Paula, Heinz SPD Bavaria Yes
Pflug, Johannes SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Poß, Joachim SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Priesmeier, Dr. Wilhelm SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Pronold, Florian SPD Bavaria Yes
Raabe, Dr. Sascha SPD Hesse Abstained
Rawert, Mechthild SPD Berlin Yes
Rebmann, Stefan SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Reichenbach, Gerold SPD Hesse No
Reimann, Dr. Carola SPD Lower Saxony Abstained
Rix, Sönke SPD Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Röspel, René SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Rossmann, Dr. Ernst Dieter SPD Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Roth, Karin SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Roth, Michael SPD Hesse Yes
Rupprecht, Marlene SPD Bavaria No
Sawade, Annette SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Schaaf, Anton SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Schäfer, Axel SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Didn't vote
Scheelen, Bernd SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Schieder, Marianne SPD Bavaria Yes
Schieder, Werner SPD Bavaria Yes
Schmidt, Silvia SPD Saxony-Anhalt Didn't vote
Schmidt, Ulla SPD North Rhine-Westphalia No
Schneider, Carsten SPD Thuringia Abstained
Schreiner, Ottmar SPD Saarland Yes
Schulz, Swen SPD Berlin Yes
Schurer, Ewald SPD Bavaria No
Schwabe, Frank SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Schwanholz, Dr. Martin SPD Lower Saxony Abstained
Schwanitz, Rolf SPD Saxony No
Schwartze, Stefan SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Schwarzelühr-Sutter, Rita SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Sieling, Dr. Carsten SPD Bremen No
Steffen, Sonja SPD Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Steinbrück, Peer SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Steinmeier, Dr. Frank-Walter SPD Brandenburg Yes
Strässer, Christoph SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Tack, Kerstin SPD Lower Saxony Yes
Thierse, Dr. h. c. Wolfgang SPD Berlin Yes
Thönnes, Franz SPD Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Tiefensee, Wolfgang SPD Saxony Yes
Veit, Rüdiger SPD Hesse No
Vogt, Ute SPD Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Volkmer, Dr. Marlies SPD Saxony No
Wicklein, Andrea SPD Brandenburg No
Wieczorek-Zeul, Heidemarie SPD Hesse Yes
Wiefelspütz, Dr. Dieter SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Wolff, Waltraud SPD Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Zapf, Uta SPD Hesse Didn't vote
Ziegler, Dagmar SPD Brandenburg No
Zöllmer, Manfred SPD North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Zypries, Brigitte SPD Hesse Yes