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The CDU (Christian Democratic Union) is a German political party. It was in record time in 2012, when the German Circumcision Act was whipped by the 17th German Bundestag and passed on 2012-12-12 became the largest governing coalition party in the Bundestag.

Circumcision, Federal Government Bill

Draft law by the federal government on the extent of personal care in the event of a male circumcision (printed matters 17/11295, 17/11800, and 17/11814)

Voting by parties

On 2012-12-12, the German Bundestag voted on the German Circumcision Act as follows:

Party Member Yes No Abstained Didn't vote % Yes % No
Total 620 434 100 46 40 70,00 % 16,13 %
CDU/CSU 237 215 3 3 16 90,72 % 1,27 %
CDU 193 177 3 3 9 92,19 % 1,55 %
CSU 44 37 0 0 7 84,09 % 0,0 %
SPD 146 89 32 16 9 60,96 % 21,92 %
FDP 93 79 5 2 7 84,95 % 5,38 %
LEFT 76 17 44 10 5 22,37 % 57,89 %
GREENS 68 34 16 15 3 50,00 % 23,53 %

The CDU was in this vote with about 92% of its 192 MPs for the German Circumcision Act, while the other 8% were against, abstained or did not take part in the vote at all.

Voting behavior in the German Circumcision Act by MPs

Yes = Consent that boys in Germany should no longer have the right to physical integrity.
No = These MPs advocate that boys in Germany should retain the right to physical integrity.
Name Party State Vote
Altmaier, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Saarland Didn't vote
Bareiß, Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Barthle, Norbert CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Baumann, Günter CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Beck, Ernst-Reinhard CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Behrens, Manfred CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Bellmann, Veronika CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Bergner, Dr. Christoph CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Beyer, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Bilger, Steffen CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Binninger, Clemens CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Bleser, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Böhmer, Prof. Dr. Maria CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Börnsen, Wolfgang CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Didn't vote
Bosbach, Wolfgang CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Brackmann, Norbert CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Brähmig, Klaus CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Brand, Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Brandt, Helmut CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Brauksiepe, Dr. Ralf CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Braun, Prof. Dr. Helge CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Brehmer, Heike CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Brinkhaus, Ralph CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Caesar, Cajus CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Connemann, Gitta CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Dörflinger, Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Dött, Marie-Luise CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Feist, Dr. Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Ferlemann, Enak CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Fischbach, Ingrid CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Fischer, Axel E. CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Fischer, Dirk CDU/CSU (CDU) Hamburg Yes
Fischer, Hartwig CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Flachsbarth, Dr. Maria CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Flosbach, Klaus-Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Fritz, Erich G. CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Fuchs, Dr. Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Fuchtel, Hans-Joachim CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Funk, Alexander CDU/CSU (CDU) Saarland Yes
Gädechens, Ingo CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Gebhart, Dr. Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Gerig, Alois CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Gienger, Eberhard CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Götz, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Granold, Ute CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Grindel, Reinhard CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Didn't vote
Gröhe, Hermann CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Grosse-Brömer, Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Grübel, Markus CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Grund, Manfred CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Grütters, Monika CDU/CSU (CDU) Berlin Yes
Gutting, Olav CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Harbarth, Dr. Stephan CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Hardt, Jürgen CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Heider, Dr. Matthias CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Heiderich, Helmut CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Heil, Mechthild CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Heinen-Esser, Ursula CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Heinrich, Frank CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Henke, Rudolf CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Hennrich, Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Heveling, Ansgar CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Hintze, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Hirte, Christian CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Hochbaum, Robert CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Holzenkamp, Franz-Josef CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Hörster, Joachim CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Hübinger, Anette CDU/CSU (CDU) Saarland Yes
Hüppe, Hubert CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Jarzombek, Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Jasper, Dieter CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Jung, Andreas CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Jung, Dr. Franz Josef CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Jüttner, Dr. Egon CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg No
Kammer, Hans-Werner CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Kampeter, Steffen CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Kaster, Bernhard CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Kauder, Siegfried CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Kauder, Volker CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Kaufmann, Dr. Stefan CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Kiesewetter, Roderich CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Klaeden, Eckart von CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Klamt, Ewa CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Klein, Volkmar CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Klimke, Jürgen CDU/CSU (CDU) Hamburg Yes
Knoerig, Axel CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Koeppen, Jens CDU/CSU (CDU) Brandenburg Yes
Kolbe, Manfred CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Didn't vote
Koschorrek, Dr. Rolf CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Kossendey, Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Kretschmer, Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Krichbaum, Gunther CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Krings, Dr. Günter CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Kruse, Rüdiger CDU/CSU (CDU) Hamburg Yes
Kudla, Bettina CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Kues, Dr. Hermann CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Lach, Günter CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Lamers, Prof. h.c. Dr. Karl A. CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Didn't vote
Lämmel, Andreas G. CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Lammert, Prof. Dr. Norbert CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Landgraf, Katharina CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Leyen, Dr. Ursula von der CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Liebing, Ingbert CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Lietz, Matthias CDU/CSU (CDU) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Linnemann, Dr. Carsten CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Lips, Patricia CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Luczak, Dr. Jan-Marco CDU/CSU (CDU) Berlin Yes
Luther, Dr. Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Didn't vote
Maag, Karin CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Maizière, Dr. Thomas de CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Marwitz, Hans-Georg von der CDU/CSU (CDU) Brandenburg Yes
Mattfeldt, Andreas CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony No
Meister, Dr. Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Merkel, Dr. Angela CDU/CSU (CDU) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Michalk, Maria CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Middelberg, Dr. Mathias CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Mißfelder, Philipp CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Monstadt, Dietrich CDU/CSU (CDU) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Murmann, Dr. Philipp CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Neumann, Bernd CDU/CSU (CDU) Bremen Yes
Noll, Michaela CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Otte, Henning CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Paul, Dr. Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Didn't vote
Pawelski, Rita CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Petzold, Ulrich CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Pfeiffer, Dr. Joachim CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Pfeiffer, Sibylle CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Philipp, Beatrix CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Pofalla, Ronald CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Poland, Christoph CDU/CSU (CDU) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Polenz, Ruprecht CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Pols, Eckhard CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Abstained
Rachel, Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Rehberg, Eckhardt CDU/CSU (CDU) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Reiche, Katherina CDU/CSU (CDU) Brandenburg Yes
Riebsamen, Lothar CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Rief, Josef CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Riegert, Klaus CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Riesenhuber, Prof. Dr. Heinz CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Röring, Johannes CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Röttgen, Dr. Norbert CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Rüddel, Erwin CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Schäfer, Anita CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Schäuble, Dr. Wolfgang CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Didn't vote
Schavan, Annette CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Schiewerling, Karl CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Schindler, Norbert CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Abstained
Schipanski, Tankred CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Schirmbeck, Georg CDU/CSU (CDU) Lower Saxony Yes
Schnieder, Patrick CDU/CSU (CDU) Rhineland-Palatinate Yes
Schockenhoff, Dr. Andreas CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Schön, Nadine CDU/CSU (CDU) Saarland Yes
Schröder, Dr. Kristina CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Schröder, Dr. Ole CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Schulte-Drüggelte, Bernhard CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Abstained
Schummer, Uwe CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Schuster, Armin CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Seif, Detlef CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Selle, Johannes CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Sendker, Reinhold CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Sensburg, Prof. Dr. Patrick CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Siebert, Bernd CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Spahn, Jens CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Stauche, Carola CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Steffel, Dr. Frank CDU/CSU (CDU) Berlin Yes
Steinbach, Erika CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Stetten, Christian Freiherr von CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Stier, Dieter CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony-Anhalt Yes
Storjohann, Gero CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Yes
Strenz, Karin CDU/CSU (CDU) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Yes
Strobl, Thomas CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Strothmann, Lena CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Stübgen, Michael CDU/CSU (CDU) Brandenburg Yes
Tauber, Dr. Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Tillmann, Antje CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Vaatz, Arnold CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Vogel, Volkmar CDU/CSU (CDU) Thuringia Yes
Vogelsang, Stefanie CDU/CSU (CDU) Berlin Yes
Voßhoff, Andrea Astrid CDU/CSU (CDU) Brandenburg Yes
Wadephul, Dr. Johann CDU/CSU (CDU) Schleswig-Holstein Didn't vote
Wanderwitz, Marco CDU/CSU (CDU) Saxony Yes
Wegner, Kai CDU/CSU (CDU) Berlin Yes
Weinberg, Marcus CDU/CSU (CDU) Hamburg Yes
Weiß, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Weiss, Sabine CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Wellenreuther, Ingo CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Wellmann, Karl-Georg CDU/CSU (CDU) Berlin Yes
Wichtel, Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Widmann-Mauz, Annette CDU/CSU (CDU) Baden-Wuerttemberg Yes
Willsch, Klaus-Peter CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Winkelmeier-Becker, Elisabeth CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes
Zimmer, Prof. Dr. Matthias CDU/CSU (CDU) Hesse Yes
Zylajew, Willi CDU/CSU (CDU) North Rhine-Westphalia Yes