The Rape of Innocence

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Book Data
Title The Rape of Innocence
SubtitleFemale Fenital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA
AuthorPatricia Robinett
Pages 164
EditionMay 25, 2004
PublisherNunzio Press

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Genital mutilation in the USA has been a well-kept secret. "The Rape of Innocence" is an autobiographical account of a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant woman who discovered she had been the victim of clitoridectomy as a child in Kansas in the 1950s. The author is a therapist who deals with trauma. In her work, she has met many other American women and men who were genitally mutilated as children and adults. Could you — or someone you love — have been cut too? This book may explain the U.S. epidemic of sexual dysfunction, anger, anxiety, depression — unresolved psychological trauma from circumcision. Now that the word is out, the healing can begin.

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