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Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC) uses innovative strategies to advocate for the legal and human rights of children born with intersex traits.

AIC focuses on the legal questions surrounding children with intersex traits, particularly their civil and human rights.

Children with intersex traits have unique legal needs. They may present questions about informed parental consent for treatment, minors’ participation in medical decision-making, reproductive rights, medical malpractice, and school harassment and accommodation.

AIC has a number of flag programs such as:

  • Inter/Act: the first and only intersex youth leadership and movement-building group
  • The Resolve Apology Project: Resolve aims to open a line of communication between patients and their doctors. The conversation begins with intersex adults, youth, and parents of children with DSD writing letters to their doctors and hospitals. The purpose of these letters is:
    • To let doctors know how former patients and parents experienced treatment.
    • To contribute to the healing process for intersex people, parents, and doctors.
    • To recognize the struggles that medical providers face in the treatment process.
    • To acknowledge and thank providers for positive experiences.
    • To improve the future care of intersex children/ children with DSD.
    • The letters may also request an apology for harm one experienced while a patient as a result of medical treatment.
  • Project Integrity: AIC’s impact litigation and medical education program, providing consultation, training, publishing in the medical, legal, and bioethics press, [providing legal information and referral to parents of children with intersex conditions. Project Integrity supports the MC vs Aaronson lawsuit.

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