Circumcision Exposed: Rethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition

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Book Data
Title Circumcision Exposed
SubtitleRethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition
AuthorBilly Ray Boyd
Pages 174
First EditionMay 1, 1998
PublisherCrossing Press

Circumcision Exposed - Rethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition

Circumcision exposed.jpg

An emotionally literate, culturally sensitive, yet fearless exploration of why the United States is the only country in the world to circumcise a majority of its baby boys for supposedly medical reasons. Includes various aspects of the practice, including its impact on sexuality.


Excellent--the right mixture of personal, scientific, and political.
– Jed Diamond, author (The Warrior's Journey Home: Healing Men's Addictions, Healing the Planet)
Thoroughly researched, compelling, expressed with fervor but in no way a diatribe
– Ed Duvin, former editor (animalines)
[D]isplays particular sensitivity to issues of religion, health, sexuality and parental and infant rights. (Sexuality Library, San Francisco)

About the Author

Billy Ray Boyd has been active for well over a decade in the movement to end routine infant circumcision. He teaches at City College of San Francisco.

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