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Excision (from Latin: excidere, chop out, cut, cut away) in medical contexts of surgery means the surgical total or partial removal of an organ, tissue, bone or tumor from a living body.[1]

In contrast to the incision, the affected tissue is cut out.

Genital mutilation

The Wikipedia refers to the term excision in the contect of FGM Type II:

Type II (excision) is the complete or partial removal of the inner labia, with or without removal of the clitoral glans and outer labia.
Type IIa is removal of the inner labia;
Type IIb, removal of the clitoral glans and inner labia;
and Type IIc, removal of the clitoral glans, inner and outer labia.

Excision in French can refer to any form of FGM.[2]
– Wikipedia[3]


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