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Francesc Xavier Bosch i José, M.D.[a 1], M.P.H.[a 2], (born 1947 in Barcelona, Spain), is a Spanish physician and epidemiologist.[1]


F. Xavier Bosch is senior consultant to the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program (CERP) at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) in Barcelona, Spain. He also serves as Chief of International Affairs at ICO and is the Executive Director of the ICO/IARC Information Centre on HPV and Cervical Cancer (www.who.int/hpvcentre). Dr. Bosch is the editor in chief of the journal Papillomavirus Research (PVR) and the editor of the international newsletter HPV Today (www.hpvtoday.com), served as guest editor for the HPV MONOGRAPH series (Vaccine, Elsevier) and is the organizer and current Director of an e-learning effort in oncology and notably on e-courses on cervical cancer prevention (www.eoncologia.net). He served as epidemiologist at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Lyon, France 1982-1993) and as visiting scientist at the National Cancer Institute (Washington, USA 2002).[2]

Dr. Bosch has conducted epidemiological research on cancers linked to infectious agents notably on cancer of the liver, the cervix, the genital tract and of the oral cavity and oropharynx. Dr Bosch was at the origin of the IARC program of epidemiological studies that demonstrated causality in the HPV and invasive cervical cancer relationship, established the role of the environmental co-factors for carcinogenesis among HPV positive women, and described the international variation of HPV types in cervical cancer. Some of these studies have played a catalytic role for the initiation of the first vaccine trials for HBV and HPV and for the evaluation of HPV tests as screening tools. Current interest reside in dissemination of scientific information of clinical relevance and in studies that integrate HPV vaccination and screening in environments with limited resources.[2]


Dr. Bosch’s publications in relation to HPV and cervical cancer amount to over 420 original publications, over 25 monograph books and major reviews and over 700 scientific communications at medical meetings.[2]

His name is commonly abbreviated as F. Xavier Bosch or Bosch FX in publications.

It is noteworthy that his CV at the Cancer Epidemiology Research Programme (PREC) at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) doesn't mention circumcision at all.[3] Nevertheless, he co-authored several journal articles which link circumcision to protection from cancer, among other things as co-author of the circumfetishist Brian J. Morris, e.g.:

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