Foreskin Man

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Book Data
Title Foreskin Man
AuthorMatthew Hess
EditionAs of 2015, there are 7 episodes.
First Edition2011
PublisherMGMbill Comics


Foreskin Man is a comic book superhero created by Matthew Hess to protest against circumcision.

Fictional character biography

Foreskin Man's alter ego is Miles Hastwick, a former corporate scientist now curator of the Museum of Genital Integrity. He is adamantly against the practice of circumcision. In the first issue, Hastwick comes up with the alter ego of Foreskin Man to fight against practitioners of circumcision and "the pro-circumcision lobby," whom he feels have gained too much power through "all of the well connected doctors and lawyers." In the third issue of the comic, he teams up with a female heroine, dubbed "Vulva Girl," who fights to oppose female genital mutilation. Together, they travel to Kenya to stop tribal circumcisions. In the fourth issue, he travels to Turkey to prevent the teenage son of a belly dancer from receiving an Islamic circumcision. The fifth issue shows him battling against the head of a company that collects foreskins for use in cosmetics and, in the sixth issue, he goes to the Philippines to disrupt Operation Tuli.

Accusations of antisemitism

Hess' role in the San Francisco bill to age restrict circumcision (2011) was clouded as the depiction of the villain Monster Mohel, in episode 2 of the series, was used by the Anti-Defamation League and others to accuse the intactivist movement of being motivated by antisemitism. This critique, however, ignored that the first episode's villain was a medical doctor, the third episode's villains were tribal Africans practicing both male and female circumcision... The mud slinging campaign tainted Foreskin Man with an unfortunate shadow of antisemitism.

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